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Case study: Scaling marketing beyond borders

Case study: Scaling marketing beyond borders

“Coupler has built a highly effective marketing machine which has significantly increased Tikkios no-touch sales, and will help us scale further”,  says Kjetil Aarseth, CEO, Tikkio

Tikkio is a fast-growing ticketing software as a service. It challenges the established industry giants by offering lower fees, avoiding long-term contracts and not least is founded by people from the event industry who have longed for a better platform.

The challenge

While the team at Tikkio had already achieved good growth over the last few years, its marketing efforts were mostly manual and focusing on high-touch sales, straining its lean organization. With ambitious expansion plans, its marketing had to improve its scalability.

Our approach

Coupler identified four important aspects to ensure success:

  1. Working closely as an extended part of the Tikkio marketing team, with a focus on knowledge share and transfer. This included establishing solid reporting routines which documented each hypothesis and consequent marketing initiative. The aim was to build a knowledge database of which marketing initiatives worked and what didn’t deliver on expectations, to ensure continuous learning and optimisation.
  2. Moving the current static website to a robust content management system. This allowed for easy publishing of content marketing and quickly generating landing pages for a/b-testing. In addition, Coupler focused specifically on technical search engine optimisation (SEO) to ensure that Tikkio would reap the awards of its brand value.
  3. Establishing editorial processes and guidelines for content production, to please both visitors and search engines.
  4. Optimisation of performance marketing such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads, by creating funnels that guided users through the decision making process.

Results of the partnership

An effective customer generating machine that scales with Tikkio’s ambitions:

  • Significantly increased the number of no-touch sales
  • Accelerated the results in the home market of Norway, and helped established Tikkio in Denmark
  • Achieved strong positions in organic search to lower customer acquisition costs

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