Nordic B2B Marketing Agency

Marketing Technology

We set-up and configure your marketing technology. From webpages to analytics and automation.

Marketing Team


Our team manages your marketing plans by creating briefs, launching new initiatives, analyse and always optimise.

Content & Distribution


We create video, text, and graphics for web, social media and email. Specialists then manage the distribution through paid, owned and earned media.

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Learn how Coupler can help accelerate your growth through marketing automation.

Generating sales qualified leads to the sales team.

This is an example marketing machine, which effectively captures leads and nurtures them into sales qualified leads, through clever tactics and timely automation.

Generate Traffic

We generate segmented traffic to an optimised landing page.

Landing Page

The objective of the landing page is to get the visitors email. Thus it is loaded with clever tactics to assure we achieve the highest possible sign-up rate.

First email

The critical point of the first email is to achieve a high open rate. Effective tactics include infographics that are easy to digest and share.


Next, we invite to a survey. The aim is both to gain further insights for lead scoring, but also tactics to spark more interest.

Book demo

Once the lead-score is sufficient, we invite to a demo booking. That means more warm leads for the sales team to finally convert.

“Coupler has built a highly effective marketing machine, which has significantly increased Tikkios no-touch sales, and will help us scale further”

Kjetil Aarseth

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“Accountability, structure and fair value for money is not a given in the marketing realm. Finding Coupler has been like finding an oasis in the desert. They are structured, empirically driven, highly service-minded, and they give great value for money. On top of that, they are wonderful people on a human level. Highly recommended!”

Ina von Turow
Founder and CEO

Our Capabilities

Content Marketing

Email Marketing

Facebook Ads

Google Ads

Google Analytics

Inbound Marketing

Marketing Automation

Search Engine Optimization

Video Production

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