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Content Marketing has been around forever and is the essence of digital marketing. Content has shifted from print, TV and other offline avenues towards social media, email, and blogs connecting directly to your target audience with very little wastage. 


Letting content sell your product or service is about: 

  1. Showing the potential customer the problem they currently have
  2. Showing the need for that problem to be solved
  3. Providing content that helps them solve the problem
  4. Establishing your brand as the go-to place for the solution

This type of marketing isn’t focused on direct sales, but educates the potential customer in an engaging and informative way, leading to increased awareness and interest in your offering. This, of course, will lead to engagement and sales. 


Where do you start?

What KPIs do you establish? Who exactly is your audience and how do you connect with them most efficiently? How many pieces do you need to create and in what form?  What message will work and how do you find the time to create it?

Yes, it can seem overwhelming, but Coupler are Content Marketing experts. Detailed activation plans are created so our team of experienced writers and editors can approach it focusing very clearly on your specific goals. You have full sign off, and our specialists then manage the distribution through paid, owned and earned media.


We create bespoke content which can be measured by multiple metrics:

  • Blogs
  • Long read articles
  • Videos
  • Social media posts
  • Email campaigns


There is an oversupply of content out there and your competitors are just dying to grab the attention of your future and current customers. This makes it vital to have experts managing the production and distribution of your Content Marketing.

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