Email Marketing

Emails get attention. Email marketing more than 40 times more effective than social media marketing. A person’s email address has a direct value to a business, but lists need careful management. The quality, frequency, and purpose of business emails should be handled by experts. Growing a list is also vital to any business and can often be done poorly and inefficiently. 

The content needs to be engaging and of immediate value to the reader from the first email. Expert copywriters will craft the content so that your emails get opened and get results. 

Coupler is experts at Email Marketing and can help you from concept through to the sales process.

Our support includes:

  • Strategy
  • Goal setting
  • Integration
  • List building
  • List management 
  • Content creation
  • Activation and management
  • Data tracking and optimization

We can help maximize the long term value of your current email list plus use specific campaigns to help grow it considerably.

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