Google Ads

Through Google Ads, you can effectively reach audiences through:

  • Paid Search
  • Banner ads
  • Youtube

A key strength of search is that it provides us with the intention of the user. This makes it suitable for tapping into granular segments and topics, where we can serve highly relevant messages and tailored user experiences. This typically results in a great return on investment (ROI). The drawback is that Google Ads (search) can’t generate more traffic than what is searched for in the market.

Display ads compliments search in that you can “push” your message to the right audiences. Some of the most effective banner ads are so-called re-targeting ads for reactivating visitors, and should typically be part of any Google Ads strategy.

Our approach to Google Ads:

  • Capitalize on the existing interest by actively optimize search terms, bids and creative
  • Use search as an insights tool to better understand the end-users intent, questions, and concerns. This then feeds into other areas such as content marketing and value proposition testing.
  • Compliment with display retargeting to re-engage visitors, thus creating effective marketing funnels

Google Ads is part of the Coupler Standard Marketing Tech Stack. The team behind Coupler have worked with paid search and specifically Google Ads for both small niche segments, along some of the most complex set-ups in the Nordics.

Learn how Google Ads fits into the B2B and Inbound marketing process. 

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