Marketing Automation

At Coupler, we use Marketing Automation technology to help automate tasks so your sales and marketing team can focus their attention on converting incoming leads to sales.

Reacting in the first 5 minutes, or less, of a lead coming in is vital. 78% of leads go with the first responder and Coupler has the technology to help increase your conversion results by automating repetitive tasks. Autoresponders can give instant responses to interested leads which can dramatically help scale your sales efforts with no increase in personnel costs. 

Coupler will: 

  • Go through your entire sales process to identify which parts of the customer journey should be automated 
  • Set up a tech stack that enables you to automate these processes
  • Create the content that is needed for this automation
  • Monitor and optimize the process based on the data

Let Coupler help your sales reps handle many times as many leads with automation, enabling you to be proactive, not reactive in converting your new leads to clients.

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