Webinars are much more than digital versions of seminars, although the fundamental strategy is the same. The power of the webinar lies in its format: Webinars can be an immersive experience, filled with multimedia elements and personal interaction. This gives marketers a unique opportunity to deliver highly compelling and educational content people can’t find anywhere else.

The production process can be broken down into these key components:

  • Webinar strategy
  • Sales alignment
  • Promotional plan
  • Project timeline
  • Technology/platform
  • Execution
  • Post-webinar activities

Effective webinars have specific and measurable goals and cover topics your audience cares about in an engaging and visual manner. Furthermore, a webinar should drive to an action in correspondence with a predetermined goals. Being digital, progression should be tracked and reported accordingly.

We can:

  • Provide webinar strategy, objectives and topics
  • Provide checklist for excellent execution
  • Create before and after content
  • Execute promotion of webinar
  • Advise and implement technical setup
  • Co-host
  • Report and evaluate
  • Create templates and follow-up for your sales team
  • And more...

Executing a webinar is half the fun, the real job starts when the webinar is over. Hence, the key to successful webinars is sales and marketing alignment.

Coupler's how-to guideline to run a Webinar (with free templates)

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