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Hvorfor HubSpot, og hvilket nivå? Et avansert system forklart med vanlige ord.

By Sigurd J. Vik on 23.mar.2021 23:46:19

Hvorfor trenger man HubSpot til markedsføring hvis man driver med salg i dag?

Når man har jobbet med systemet en stund blir det nesten vanskelig å svare konkret fordi det blir en naturlig del av arbeidsflyten. For å sammenligne er det litt som å bruke Word til å skrive et dokument versus en skrivemaskin, eller kanskje mer teknisk korrekt sammenligning: Å bygge en webside ved hjelp av et CMS versus å bygge en database selv. Sistnevnte er fullt mulig, og mer effektivt enn å kode ren HTML, men så snart man har begynt å bruke et CMS er det så mye mer effektivt for å publisere innhold på en webside at alle stort sett har sluttet å lage egne løsninger for dette.
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How to use Hubspot CRM for fundraising [TUTORIAL]

By Coupler on 06.mai.2020 10:44:30

How NorQuant went beyond their crowdfunding target in just 7 days.

What is this tutorial about?

In this article we will show how you can use HubSpot, both for CRM, lead forms and email automation, in a fundraising campaign. While the purpose was fundraising, all of the techniques can be used for sales between real humans - with some automation making it much easier to handle. 

Here's what we'll cover:

  1. Set up of a lead generation form on a landing page. Add your own custom contact property to let leads register how much they intend to invest.
    • The essential part here is that we want the contact info plus an investment hint, and in return the user gets the investor presentation as a handy PDF in their inbox.
  2. Set up a dynamic list and sort leads by the most promising ones using custom properties.
    • This way the CEO and COO of NorQuant has an easy to view list of who their investor leads are, how much they want to invest and they can see how the list is growing as they keep inviting new leads to the landing page.
  3. Automatically add these leads to a sales pipeline in the CRM so that the right person can follow up the leads personally.
    • This is the crucial link between the marketing campaign, generating digital leads, and the work that  management does to ensure they actually follow up on the leads through to signing the deals.
  4. Send personal follow up emails automatically to keep the leads warm in the immediate days following their registration.
    • With a large list of leads it is nearly impossible to write personal follow up emails in time. The set-up of automatic follow up emails were timed to keep the leads warm in the crucial time just after they've registered:
      • Email #1 (Immediately after signup): An email from CEO Thomas with the PDF investor presentation.
      • Email #2 (1 day delay from signup): A follow up email from Thomas introducing the COO who will be the one in dialogue with important leads.
      • Email #3 (2 hour delay after previous): An email with the COO introducing himself and inviting the user to talk to him, preparing them that he might be in contact again (via regular email later).


About NorQuant

NorQuant has developed software that automates processes related to factor-based management and portfolio composition. The company also develops software for quantitative analysis and robo-advisory.

NorQuant assists family offices and other investment firms in achieving their investment goals. Based on requirements and desires, we helped develop, implement and execute a professional, research-based and transparent strategy.

Case Video NORQUANT fundraising Q2 2020 Short ENG SUB v3
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